The REAL Reels for IG Growth & Sales


This is the GO-TO Course for EVERYTHING Reels. 

Have you noticed how Instagram is playing favorites with REELS? I literally gained an extra 10k followers in one month using REELS.

The best part is when using REELS you wont have to work as hard to come up with daily content and then only gain 1 follower and no one sees it.

Instagram is showing favoritism to those who use the feature. With Instagram having over 400 MILLION users daily they are making sure if you use REELS they will take your video and make sure more than just your followers will get a view of your content.

Thats right some of my clients have 1000 followers and yet their reels are seen by 10,000+ followers! And the best part is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DANCE or even show your face! They make a 30 second video & get thousand of view, hundred of new followers, and new leads and customers for their businesses.

So if you want to learn not only HOW to use REELS, but how to use them to drive traffic, grow your followers, and increase your SALES this course is for you.

In this 2.5 hour Video Course you will learn :

* Transitions (This is used when they change from one outfit to another)

* Trending REEL themes (How to find them and use them)

* How to record and edit in REELS

* How to record previously recorded videos in reels and edit 

* How to reach your ideal customer

* How to get more engagement and go viral

* Sales strategies to apply with REELS 

* How to introduce new Products and Services 

If you are a Coach, Influencer, Online Business Owner, or Creator The Real REELS Course will be your easiest and quickest way to learn how to use REELS to sale, increase in followers and build your brand

So if you are ready for more:

* Followers

* Sales

* Views on your content 

Grab the course and learn how my clients and I are gaining 5k+ followers a month and doubling our Sales with the REAL REELS Course 

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The REAL Reels for IG Growth & Sales

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